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Do you have a story waiting to be told? Do you want to inspire people but lack the time and expertise to do so? Let our ghostwriters help turn your idea into a masterpiece!

    Let Your Story Be Told The Way It Is With Our Expert Nonfiction Ghostwriting Services

    From global political events and scientific discoveries to personal achievements and truths that shaped your life or the world around you, nonfiction books are a goldmine of truth and facts. Creating nonfiction books takes a thorough and deep understanding of real human connections and precise detail and to keep readers hooked, shaping all these facts and figures in an engaging way is crucial. At GBS our writers are dedicated to giving you the best nonfiction ghostwriting services and creating impactful nonfiction books that will transform your readers’ perspective on life.


    Providing Unparalleled Nonfiction Ghostwriting Across Diverse Genres

    From writing memoirs and historical nonfiction to writing books on business and entrepreneurship to arts and true crime and everything in between, our nonfiction writing services help authors, both aspiring and veteran, create captivating nonfiction books for a wide variety of audiences. Ghostwriters at GBS are a diverse and talented group of individuals with the ability to cater to all sorts of nonfiction genres.

    Biography & Autobiography

    This genre covers the account of a person’s life or memories. In their subgenres, these books can revolve around a personal diary or journal, or it can be a collection of memories of one's life or the author’s.


    Historical nonfiction covers writing that describes historical, real-life events, from ancient to modern history and from international to regional.


    These books focus on personal development and offer techniques, and motivation for enhancing certain aspects of one's life, such as relations, profession, well-being, and happiness.


    Nonfiction travel books encompass real accounts of personal journeys around the world in the form of Travelogues, Guidebooks, and books on cultural exploration.


    These books are written around the explanation and organization of empirical data about the known universe, from Space science to Natural History and Environmental science.

    Health & Fitness

    These books are written about mental or physical well-being. These books can be medical guides about diet and nutrition or exercise and fitness.

    Business & Economics

    Nonfiction books about business are written around the topics and subgenres of leadership, entrepreneurship, economic theories and personal finance.

    Cooking & Food

    Real recipes and food history, these books are a doorway into the culinary arts and the world of diet and nutrition.

    Education & Teaching

    These books teach people how to teach, from classroom management to teaching people with special needs and teaching people on specific topics.

    Politics & Social Sciences

    These nonfiction books around political theories, sociology and study of human societies, cultures and their development through ages.

    Arts & Entertainment

    Though this category is self explanatory, these books are written around facts and real-life events about music, film, theatre and any kind of art in general.

    True Crime

    In this genre, the author examines a crime and details the activities of individuals linked with and affected by real unlawful events.

    Religion & Spirituality

    Books in this category focus on examining the nature of God and religious beliefs within the context of collective beliefs, culture, and world views.

    Home & Garden

    This genre holds information and accounts of people’s view on home improvement, interior design, gardening and DIY.

    Sports & Recreation

    From Extreme sports to sports biographies, these books revolve around the world of sports, fitness, and outdoor activities.

    Parenting & Families

    These books are a collection of views of an author and tipson raising a family and can be educational guides on child development and parenting.

    Technology & Engineering

    This genre encompasses facts and figures on myriad of topics ranging from computer science and engineering principles to tech innovations and A.I.


    These books are a compilation of memories penned by an author with the intent of preserving tales from their personal experiences.


    These books encompass essays, ethical discussions on philosophies, theoretical analyses, and metaphysical studies.

    Legal & Government

    The books that fall under this genre are law guides and books on political analyses, case law studies, and government policies

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    Enhance and Unlock Your Writing Potential With Our Premium Nonfiction Ghostwriting Services

    Writing a nonfiction book is a huge responsibility for an author as it requires penning down stories and events based on reality with accurate details, facts and figures. It is not only the story that makes a nonfiction account interesting but also the way its is told.

    It is essential that the concept backed up by its truths is articulated in a way that it is not only digestible for the readers but keeps them hooked til the very last page. Armed with excellent research skills and creativity, our nonfiction ghostwriers are sure to transform your idea into a masterpiece through a meticulous process..

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    July 2024

    I wanted to share my rags to riches story and inspire others, but I was not very good with words. When I shared my story with Aurora at Ghost Book Services, she listened and attentively absorbed every detail of my story and turned my scattered memories and ideas into a powerful self-help book. GBS captured my voice perfectly and delivered a manuscript that exceeded my expectations.

    Seth R

    Working with Ghost Book Services on my historical biography project was a fantastic experience. They took meticulous care in researching and writing about my ancestor’s life, preserving every significant detail and creating a compelling narrative. Their dedication to accuracy and storytelling brought the past to life. I couldn’t be happier with the final book.

    James Anderson

    Being an entrepreneur, I hardly had any time to pen down my book on leadership and entrepreneurial techniques. Ghost Book Services enabled me to reach a larger audience with my ideas. My ghostwriter had a deep understanding of the corporate landscape and transformed my ideas into a compelling and well-organized book. I am working on my second book now and will definitely recommend GBS’ nonfiction ghostwriting services to anyone who wants to write a book but does not have enough time because of their busy schedule

    Rebecca M

    I am a nutritionist with almost two decades of experience in the said field. I had an idea of a comprehensive health and wellness manual that would help people but I lacked the skills needed to write the manual down properly. When Ghost Book Services stepped in I was relieved as they chapter by chapter, delivered a well-researched, perfectly organized and beautifully formatted guide that reflected my vision perfectly. I’m incredibly proud of the final product and all in all it was a great learning experience too.

    Dr. Michael B


    Have any questions? Find answers here.

    Non-fiction writing is the reporting of information that is based on truth. It includes technical writing, academic papers, theology, memoir writing, journalism, articles etc.

    Creative nonfiction is a subgenre that borrows fiction writing techniques while still being based on truth. It is composed in the form of a story in which exposition to conflict slowly builds up with rising action until a point of climax is reached. The tension is released when the story reaches its ultimate resolution.

    All of that still happens within the bounds of truth, whether subjective or objective. Creative nonfiction is only called creative in the way the information is relayed to the reader. It follows the writing structures and techniques of fiction writing but is still based on facts.

    A memoir is a nonfiction narrative in which the author shares their memories from a specific time period or reflects upon a string of themed occurrences throughout their life. An autobiography is a factual and historical account of one’s entire life from beginning to end.

    Professional non-fiction writers prioritize accuracy and credibility in their work. They conduct comprehensive research, use reliable sources, and fact-check information to ensure the content is accurate and trustworthy. Additionally, they follow ethical guidelines and adhere to industry standards to maintain the integrity of the content. Hiring a professional non-fiction writing agency guarantees access to skilled writers who are committed to delivering high-quality, well-researched, and credible non-fiction content.