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Ghost Book Services proudly houses a team of Children’s Book Ghostwriters and illustrators who specialize in producing Children’s book writing and literature.

    Ensure Perfection with Our Book Editors and Proofreaders

    Ghost Book Services is home to the best professional book editors in the industry worldwide. Our expert book editors know how imperative it is for a book to be written with accuracy, attention to detail, and creativity. Editing a book is an art in itself, and our professional book editors are masters of this art.

    Ghost Book Services provides editing services for all genres of book writing, such as fiction, non-fiction, biographies, memoirs, novels, novellas, and academic works etc. We make sure that your books are publish-ready with our services. Our team treats every project as its own, and we give our best to provide you with customized services according to your needs and collaboration so that the final product aligns with your vision. Choose us for all your book editing needs as we provide human-written, non-plagiarized content that is tailored to our clients’ different requirements.

    We’ve Got You Covered With All Kinds Of Editing Needs

    Both aspiring and renowned authors struggle with determining which kind of editing their manuscript needs. Ghost Book Services is a hub for all your literary needs, and hence, we provide all kinds of book editing services to our clients.

    Copy Editing

    Copy editing is basically mechanical editing, which involves a deep spell-check of the book along with grammar and punctuation checks so that the content is written perfectly and typo-free.

    Line Editing

    This is the most common editing that is asked for by our clients and is definitely important. In this process, the book first goes through copy-editing and gets checked for inconsistencies in writing. The manuscript is checked and fixed line by line for clarity, run-on sentences, and overused adverbs and adjectives. In line editing, it is also checked that the chapter titles and names of countries and states are all written in the same way.

    Substantive Editing

    This kind of editing is extensive and takes time. In Substantive editing, the main focus of the process is the organization and appearance of the content. The content is rewritten or majorly edited to get rid of vagueness and to improve the style of writing. Line editing, along with the rephrasing of sentences and paragraphs, is done. The content is checked for tight writing and point of view; also, the book is checked for clarity and plot credibility.

    Developmental Editing

    Developmental editing is done prior to the publication of a manuscript and focuses mostly on strengthening ‘the big picture’ view of the book. It is a phase of the book editing process in which editors thoroughly evaluate an author's work to decide what it requires to be published. This manuscript criticism and thorough review addresses a variety of story aspect difficulties, including plot holes, poor character development, confusing dialogue, sentence phrasing, and any other concerns that may occur.

    Hire Our Expert Proofreading Services and Give Your Masterpiece the Refining Touch it Deserves

    Book Proofreading is the last phase of the editing process, where all errors and mistakes are fixed for consistency and smoothness. Proofreading is a lifesaver for your book and helps in curing a number of textual ailments your manuscript might have.

    After our proofreading services, your draft will be refined and ready to publish. Our proofreading service entails features like

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    Our Detailed Book Editing Process

    Sculpt your manuscript into a work of art with our top-of-the-line book editing services.

    Submission and Review

    After submission of the manuscript, our professional editors will perform thorough research to fact-check all the content.


    Your book will then be assigned to a qualified book editor who will make all necessary changes according to the needs of the manuscript.


    Our proofreading department will proofread after the book has been edited. After proofreading is done, your book will have the best flow, structure, tone, characterization, and exposition.


    Our team will then format your book so that every heading, text, font style, and table is structured properly and beautifully throughout the copy.


    Once the book is publish-ready, ghostbook services will publish it on different platforms so it reaches more people.

    Get Started By Booking a Free Consultation Call With An Expert

    Get in touch with one of our 24/7 available expert nonfiction ghostwriters by booking a free consultation call today and take your first step toward literary success.

    July 2024

    GBS edited my eBook and did an excellent job. What’s best about their service is that they edited my book professionally and perfectly without compromising on my tone. The final product was refined to the max and I appreciate GBS’ dedication to quality and attention to detail

    Corey Miller

    I am so grateful to GBS for editing my biography. They helped me revise my biography and suggested edits that really made the memories and past events shine brighter in the book. The valuable feedback and suggestions made my biography more impactful and professional. Thank you, GBS, for your excellent service

    Sophia Grey

    Ghost Books Services did an impressive job editing my fiction novel. The GBS team helped me refine my tone and made sure that the story’s flow was smooth. The final draft was publish-ready and I’m happy for their professional attitude and prompt responses throughout the process.

    Rey Salmo

    I hired GBS to proofread and edit my academic thesis, and I am relieved to read the final product. My editor, Max, did a great job with his meticulous editing skills. He not only fixed the grammatical mistakes in my thesis but also improved its overall consistency and structure. Thanks for the pleasant experience, guys.

    Jake Hammond


    Have any questions? Find answers here.

    Children’s book writing is a genre in itself. This genre is based around the world away from complex ideas and heavy emotions of adult life. In children’s books, the word count is less than in an adult book, and there are a lot of interesting illustrations along with simple writing language. The objective of writing a children’s book is to teach important values to children in a fun and creative way.

    Always determine your audience first as Children’s books vary significantly according to children’s different age groups. If your book concept has a lot of reading material and has a proper plot with world-building and character development, it is best not to make a picture book of that idea. On the flip side, if you have a delightful and simple concept, it will be easier for it to be made into a picture book than into a YA novel.

    Survey the industry and competition in your niche to get more information that will help you write a refined Children’s book that can create results and convey your message.

    When deciding on the appropriate age group for your children’s book, take into account the complexity of the language, themes, and content. Various age categories possess unique reading skills and preferences. For example, picture books are generally aimed at younger children (ages 3-8), whereas chapter books are tailored to older children (ages 8-12). Knowing your target age group helps you customize the vocabulary, length, and complexity of the story to suit their stage of development.

    Although not required, including illustrations in children’s books can significantly improve the visual appeal and understanding of the story. When looking for an illustrator, you can look at portfolios on freelance websites or ask for suggestions from industry connections. Make sure the illustrator’s artistic approach matches your book’s vision and set up clear communication and contract terms for deadlines, revisions, and copyright agreements.