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Create Worlds With Words With Our Next Level

Fiction Ghostwriting Services 

Let our expert ghostwriters help you navigate a realm where imaginations soar and fictional characters come to life. See your idea transform into a published epic filled with thrill and adventure with our premium fiction ghostwriting services.

    Imaginations Run Wild With Our Expert Fiction Ghostwriting Services

    From writing words to building worlds, fiction writing is an art that requires boundless imagination and creativity, along with a strong command of building a narrative. A well-built narrative transforms a complicated idea into a powerful story, and ghostwriters at GBS are all about turning your ideas into a compelling piece that can be marketed and published to get the spotlight it deserves.


    From Sci-fi to Romance, Our Fiction Ghostwriters Excel in Every Genre of Fiction

    From Sci-Fi to Mystery and Romance, to Horror and Action-Adventure and everything in between. Our Fiction Writing Services help authors write engaging fiction books as our skilled ghostwriters have a proven track record of creating books for our clients that vary in different styles and sub-genres of fiction.

    Experimental Fiction

    A genre of fiction where the writer challenges the norms of storytelling in an unconventional and unique way.

    Space Opera

    A genre of fiction where adventures, chivalric romance and space warfare take place in an out of the world setting.


    A sub genre of science fiction where countercultural heroes live in a futuristic and dehumanized setting.

    Military Science Fiction

    This genre incorporates stories revolving around the military with science fiction technology, including spaceships and weapons.

    Sword and Sorcery

    Sword wielding heroes engaging in epic adventures with elements of romance, magic and the supernatural.

    Detective and Crime Fiction

    Fictional accounts of detectives investigating crimes, heists and serial-kllers.

    Occult Horror

    A subgenre of fictional horror involving witchcraft, rituals, voodoo, or a power only obtained by occult means.

    Paranormal Horror

    Set in the real world with experience that defy scientific explanation involving, Ghosts, other worldy creatures, UFOs etc.

    Young Adult Romance

    Written for teenagers, a book with a central love story with an emotionally satisfying climax.

    Spy Fiction

    A genre of fiction centered around a spy or a whole agency of spies with high-stakes and high pressure situations.

    Survival fiction

    Mostly darker than adventure, always on the continuum of danger, fast paced and high drama, Survival fiction books make great movies.

    Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

    These stories are set in a world that is either on the verge of a cataclysmic event or in a world after a global disaster.

    Spiritual Fiction

    With spirituality or religion at its center, these books explore realms and dimensions above and beyond 3D.

    Gothic Romance

    Set in the backgrounds of medeival ruins and haunted castles, Gothic romance incorporates horror and mystery with super natural elements.

    Your Trusted Fiction Writing Services

    Navigate the Writing Process Effectively

    Our Ghostwriters are not only great at providing the best fiction writing services but they are also trained and experienced at guiding and helping fresh and seasoned authors with their projects.

    With numerous best-sellers under their belt, our writers’ process of collaborating with authors and bringing out the best in them is a seamless and exciting experience as stated in the testimonials by our long list of previous and existing clients.

    Would You Like To Share Your Amazing Ideas And Experiences With The Whole World?

    Hire The Best Ghostwriting Services That Can Make Your Story Live Forever In The Heart Of Readers

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    June 2024

    What is amazing about GBS is that they seamlessly and easily involve you in every part of the writing process. I promise you the end product will be better than you have imagined and they have proved it to me time and time again. Regular client for the past 4-years

    Chloe Price

    Business Coach

    Their expertise in book promotion and marketing is unmatched! Their marketing strategy was on point, and it made my book reach the right audience worldwide, making it a best-seller. Kudos!

     Chris. P

    Sales Manager

    Extremely convenient. There was hardly a need to revise the content; the drafts were perfectly edited, formatted, and proofread. I highly recommend signing up for their all-in-one platinum bundle. Economical without compromising the quality of work.

    Lewis Pemberton

    PR Manager

    My team is the best team in its niche. Subscribe to one of our plans and see it for yourself!

    David Lee



    Have any questions? Find answers here.

    When hiring a ghostwriter, an author should consider a few important things like whether the price is right, the amount paid to the ghostwriter is paid in installments, the rights of the book are owned by the author, the author gets to have the final say in all content decisions, and the company/ ghostwriter hired understands the confidentiality of all information regarding the project.

    Hiring a ghostwriter is completely ethical as the ideas revolving around your book are all yours. Sometimes the authors are busy or lack the skills needed to write their book but it does not in any way mean that they cannot get a book published, Infact, a lot of famous and renowned authors had a ghostwriter or a team of ghostwriters who made it possible for the book to be a success, The ghostwriting process is simply a way to get an author’s idea and concept published in the literary world.

    We believe in our ability to get you the perfect ghostwriter for your book but that does not mean that you have to go with a writer that we chose for you. You can ask us and we will be more than happy to provide you with writing samples from different ghostwriters at GBS so you can chose who you feel is best for your project as we believe that the client should be fully satisfied with the whole ghostwriting process right from the start.

    Interaction between you and your ghostwriter solely depends on the author’s need and they can have as much or as little interaction with their ghostwriter and editor as they want. At GBS, authors have regular calls and collaborative sessions with their designated ghostwriters along with communication over phone or emails so that the whole writing process is customized and molded according to the author’s preferences.

    Our ghostwriting process ensures that our ghostwriters always meet your expectations. Our process starts with your designated ghostwriter writing a small amount of material and sending it to you for feedback. Your designated ghostwriter makes revisions based on your feedback and input, and if for some reason you’re not happy with the draft or the final product, your ghostwriter continues to work with you until the final product aligns with your vision.