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EBook writing Services

Unlock Your Potential and Create Compelling
E-books with Our Top-notch

Ghostwriting Services

Our ghostwriters have the ability to take your eBook concepts and magnify their impact by creating eBooks that are hard to put down by readers. With affordable prices, we treat your project as our own and never compromise on the quality of the product delivered.

    Become a Best-Selling Author with Our eBook Writing Services

    Take your eBook writing and promotion to the next level. Let your brand get better reach than traditional print books with our eBook writing services and cement your place among the ranks of best-selling authors.

    Let our ghostwriters organize your eBook idea into an impactful final product

    It takes more than exceptional writing skills to write an eBook. It is crucial for any eBook to be written with keeping specific goals and results in mind. GBS not only assists its clients in creating impactful content but also helps them with creating eBooks with proper formatting and editing so the final product is polished and error-free.

    Our ghostwriters are skilled in organizing content with short paragraphs, bullet points, infographics, and images to keep readers hooked and effectively integrate your unique style into your ebook.

    Our Publication Process From Concept to Completion and Beyond

    Project Outlining

    Once the client signs up with GBS’ ebook ghostwriting services, a dedicated project manager is assigned who addresses the needs, goals and the desired outcome of the project. Once the initial details of the project are locked, the GBS team assigns the project to a relevant ghostwriter with the right skill set to execute the book in a professional and timely manner. As soon as the writer is chosen, the process of outlining the project begins, and the writer starts to work on your concept.

    Drafting and Approval

    After you approve the outline, your assigned ghostwriter starts working on the first draft of your eBook. Once the draft is complete it, it is sent to you for feedback and approval. The drafting continues after the approval of the first draft. In case you are not satisfied with the first draft, your ghostwriter edits or rewrites it according to your feedback. Providing you with the best eBook ghostwriting service is our top priority and we stand by what we promise.

    Marketing and Promotion

    Once the final manuscript of your eBook is approved, we devise and implement customized marketing and promotional strategies. We have assisted numerous clients this way on their road to become best-selling authors by utilizing our expert publishing and ebook writing services.

    Editing and Proofreading

    For a refined and polished product, our expert editors carry out necessary adjustments and editing of the drafts throughout the writing process. Proof reading for redundancy and errors continues until the book is finished and the final product is then edited accordingly to global standards and guidelines.

    Formatting and Designing

    As soon as the final manuscript is written, revised according to your feedback, and approved, our editors format it with the right fonts, drawings, and charts, along with designing its front and back cover. To make sure that everything goes according to your objectives, we make you an integral part of the writing, editing and formatting process and do not move forward until your approval.

    How Professionally Written eBooks Reach More
    People and Elevate Your Brand

    It does not matter if you are a renowned author or an aspiring one, it is a known fact that eBooks have advantages over traditional books.

    Ebooks are a great marketing tool. They help you generate leads for your business and attract the right audience to your social media and website, generating traffic and giving your business the exposure it needs to stand out in the industry.
    E-books link you to a vast online community of your target audience. They allow you to reach a larger audience and enhance your reputation as an expert in your field.
    Getting eBooks written alongside printed books helps you get noticed by a number of publishers like Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.
    They are a great way of teaching and educating people on a subject that is your forte.

    Would You Like To Share Your Amazing Ideas And Experiences With The Whole World?

    Hire The Best Ghostwriting Services That Can Make Your Story Live Forever In The Heart Of Readers

    Get Started By Booking a Free Consultation Call With An Expert

    Get in touch with one of our 24/7 available expert nonfiction ghostwriters by booking a free consultation call today and take your first step toward literary success.

    July 2024

    If you want to take your ebook to the next level, GBS is your one stop solution. Their platinum package is all an aspiring author needs to get a great headstart in the writing game. From initial consultation to final delivery, they were friendly, responsive, and attentive to my needs. The final eBook was exactly what I envisioned and is performing exceptionally well with my clients and followers.

    David Harding

    I am grateful for the quality and timeliness of GBS. They delivered a well-researched and beautifully written eBook within the agreed time frame and we had ample time to design the perfect cover design.

    Anna P

    I am alway on the road and collaborating with GBS was a fantastic experience! Their ebook writing services are top-notch to say the least and their writers were spot on capturing my voice for my travel blog. GBS is a game changer and I am going to definitely bother them again

     Mika Sanchez

    The writers at GBS are masters of their craft. They helped me create an ebook that was exactly what I had in mind and better. The smooth communication and timely deliveries made all the difference.

    Naomi S


    Have any questions? Find answers here.

     eBook ghostwriting involves clients and professional ghostwriters working together to produce a high-quality eBook for different purposes, tailored to the client’s specifications.

    It is completely ethical to hire a ghostwriter since a ghostwriter’s job is to take the stories, thoughts, and ideas of the author and then polish them into a finished book. The majority of ghostwriters collaborate with their clients to assist them in expressing their ideas, their experiences, and their knowledge. Therefore, one could also question the ethicality of employing someone to design and construct their house, repair their car, or fix their plumbing.

    The length of an eBook varies depending on the genre of the book, where fiction books like novels and novellas have more words than children’s books, but it also depends on the client’s requirements.

    The pricing of our eBook writing services depends on the services you require (i.e., editing, formatting, marketing, cover design, etc.) and the number of words. To estimate the budget of your eBook project, book a free consultation call with our 24/7 available experts, or see our quick estimate tool.

    We honor and value our client’s rights to privacy, and we can guarantee you that your ideas and concepts will be safe in our writer’s hands.