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From Magical Worlds to Fun Educational Reads

We Provide Professional Children’s Book Services Writing Designing

Ghost Book Services proudly houses a team of Children’s Book Ghostwriters and illustrators who specialize in producing Children’s book writing and literature.

    Professional Children’s Book Ghostwriting Services

    Children are our asset and impacting their minds positively is crucial for our future. Their different age groups have different understanding of the world and so the books crafted for children are different in style according to their age groups. Our Children’s Book writers and illustrators understand the psychology of different age groups of children and are able to create books of all styles and genres for them.

    A Walkthrough of Children’s Book Writing Process at GBS

    With years of experience in this field, our writers have devised a systematic approach to writing all kinds of Children’s books. Our process is seamless and is designed to bring out the best in renowned and aspiring authors.We treat every project as our own and deliver a customized and reliable final product that is aligned with international standards of book writing and publishing.

    Researching and Creating an Outline:

    We start by researching about the project, based on your idea and relevant information to create the book’s outline.

    Writing Content:

    Once the outline and idea are locked by the author, our writers then start creating the drafts chapter by chapter.

    Proofreading and Editing:

    Proofreading and Editing are critical aspects of book writing and are carried out all the way through the writing process.

    Exclusive Designing:

    Our dedicated team then works on a unique and appealing cover design and/or any illustrations included.


    The book is then formatted where we expertly style the content of the book according to international guidelines of book formatting.


    Once the book is complete, our publishing experts start the process of publishing the book across different platforms and mediums.

    Why Hire Professionals for Your Children’s Book Writing Needs?

    Our Children’s book writers have helped authors write compelling and successful books for children and young adults by utilizing their deep knowledge of child psychology and detailed aspects of Children’s book writing.

    Whether it’s an illustration book for the magical preschool age, an epic adventure for middle-grade children, or a book for young adults, our team is capable of creating books that can captivate your young audience.

    All In One Publishing Packages

    Prepare to release your upcoming successful book with our comprehensive book packages. Providing Services from Beginning to End and Everything in the Middle.

    Professional Editing and Proofreading

    Whether your document requires a proofread for spelling and grammar or a thorough evaluation for editing, we provide you different editing options according to your preferences.

    Eye-Catching Cover Designs and Illustrations

    We design covers and create illustrations that grab attention and sell books.

    Descriptions and Meta Data

    We come up with captivating descriptions and accurate meta data so that your book stands out in a saturated market.

    Would You Like To Share Your Amazing Ideas And Experiences With The Whole World?

    Hire The Best Ghostwriting Services That Can Make Your Story Live Forever In The Heart Of Readers

    Add A Colorful Dimension To Your Book With Our Children’s Book Illustration and Cover Design Services

    An appealing cover design and illustrations are the heart of any Children’s book and if you are a self-publishing author in search of personalized book illustrations at an affordable price and great customer support, you have come to the right place. GBS provides professional  cover design and book illustration services courtesy of our skilled group of artists who create beautiful, completely unique illustrations by hand for every type of content including children’s books.

    Our group of skilled illustrators and graphic designers have the expertise and skills to create the most appealing cover designs and illustrations for children’s books. We serve authors worldwide with exceptional creativity, drawing on our experience and exposure to diverse cultures. By emphasizing quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, you can rely on us to provide captivating illustrations that will enhance your book and mesmerize your young audience. Contact us and let us bring your book to life with our magic!

    Prepare And Publish Your Story with Our Children’s Book Formatting and Publishing Services

    Releasing a book is not an easy code to crack. When an authors writes, they put their blood, sweat and tears in their writing and by the time they are done, they are exhausted.

    After all the hard work and hours invested, watching your book getting neglected because of lack of knowledge about the publishing industry is heartbreaking to say the least. By allowing us to assist you, you entrust us with the responsibility of handling all tasks that come with self-publishing your book.

    You have the option to relax and observe as your manuscript is formatted into a magical and exciting children’s book with an eye-catching cover with a coordinated theme on the pages as we make it available at the Amazon KDP store.


    Creating books for children is no child’s play. It takes a unique skill set and a special individual to craft narratives that can teach, inspire, and entertain children at the same time. We at GBS are masters of our craft and have the unique talent of creating and structuring books that resonate with young minds of all ages. Our experienced team understands how to integrate age-appropriate language and exciting ideas and themes to create unforgettable stories that spark curiosity and encourage reading.

    Get in touch with us today and let’s craft magical content that brings joy and wonder to young readers.

    Get Started By Booking a Free Consultation Call With An Expert

    Get in touch with one of our 24/7 available expert nonfiction ghostwriters by booking a free consultation call today and take your first step toward literary success.

    July 2024

    Writing young adult fiction is challenging, but Ghost Book Services made the process for me a learning and exciting experience. From developmental edits to the final manuscript, GBS team was professional through and through. It was a fantastic collaboration from start to finish and they helped me reach a bigger audience by their top-notch marketing. I am sold.

    Young Adult Fiction Novel

    My early reader series needed a professional touch, and GBS knew exactly how to execute it. They were very accurate and creative with both book writing and illustrations. The series created by them is educational and entertaining and my little readers received it well. One stop solution for all Children’s Book Writing needs

    Series for Early Readers

    Ghost Book Services converted my copy of a children’s book concept into an epic middle-grade fantasy novel that even I could not put down after it was completed. They conveyed my message in my tone and their ability to capture my voice made all the difference. Thanks for the kickass cover design. Great job, everyone; it was a fun experience.

    Middle-Grade Epic Fantasy

    As a first-time picture book author, I am pleasantly surprised by Ghost Book Services. They paired me up with Stacy, an amazing illustrator whose work perfectly matched my idea’s imaginative and colorful tone. I haven’t worked with a more supportive and livelier team before, and as a result, my book was an instant hit among kids and parents. 10/10 would recommend!

    Children’s Picture Book


    Have any questions? Find answers here.

    Children’s book writing is a genre in itself. This genre is based around the world away from complex ideas and heavy emotions of adult life. In children’s books, the word count is less than in an adult book, and there are a lot of interesting illustrations along with simple writing language. The objective of writing a children’s book is to teach important values to children in a fun and creative way.

    Always determine your audience first as Children’s books vary significantly according to children’s different age groups. If your book concept has a lot of reading material and has a proper plot with world-building and character development, it is best not to make a picture book of that idea. On the flip side, if you have a delightful and simple concept, it will be easier for it to be made into a picture book than into a YA novel.

    Survey the industry and competition in your niche to get more information that will help you write a refined Children’s book that can create results and convey your message.

    When deciding on the appropriate age group for your children’s book, take into account the complexity of the language, themes, and content. Various age categories possess unique reading skills and preferences. For example, picture books are generally aimed at younger children (ages 3-8), whereas chapter books are tailored to older children (ages 8-12). Knowing your target age group helps you customize the vocabulary, length, and complexity of the story to suit their stage of development.

    Although not required, including illustrations in children’s books can significantly improve the visual appeal and understanding of the story. When looking for an illustrator, you can look at portfolios on freelance websites or ask for suggestions from industry connections. Make sure the illustrator’s artistic approach matches your book’s vision and set up clear communication and contract terms for deadlines, revisions, and copyright agreements.